WIND2WIN challenge and the fight against pollution

The general idea of Nordics is to show an alternative to plastic usage and to minimise as much as possible the waste that is being generated. This is why we decided to take part in another awesome project.

Nordics Oral Care is backing up the WIND2WIN challange, which is organised by a group if surfers whose main goal is to raise awareness for the increasing plastic waste in the Black sea.

The idea is to complete the course from the most northern part of the Bulgarian coast ( Durankulak ) until the most southern one ( Rezovo ) with wind surfs for fastes time possible. During this challenge a number of water samples will be gathered in order to give us better understanding of the situation in the sea and the impact of the pollution.

Check out the fund raising indiegogo campaign here :

Also there will be a number of massive cleaning campaigns on some of the biggest beaches, starting from Primorsko north beach.