NORDICS ORAL CARE natural toothbrush bristles

Types of toothbrush bristles

What kinds of toothbrush bristles are there?

As you probably know there are two main types of toothbrush bristles:

  1. Organic – that are made from natural occurring fibers like pig hair or horse tail
  2. Synthetic – that are made from durable man-made materials like nylon.

NORDICS ORAL CARE toothbrush bristles

So, the next obvious question would be: “If you are an eco-friendly, sustainable oral care brand, why are you using nylon in your toothbrushes?” And this question is somewhat fair, but not entirely.
It is very important to know that natural bristles come with their unique structure and composition. Each hair contains DNA material in it and accumulates millions of bacteria that end up in your mouth.
Using toothbrushes with natural bristles can lead to numerous allergic reactions, blisters and other unpleasant sensations. Usually natural bristles are very hard and they disintegrate In the first couple of weeks.
After all we want satisfied and happy customers and we cannot afford to jeopardize their health in the name of being recklessly “bio”.

This is why we are using the highest possible quality of nylon bristles, specially designed to endure at least 3 months of brushing. For Nordics bamboo brushes we are using bristles from DuPont made from nylon type 6. DuPont is the oldest toothbrush bristles manufacturing with over 70 years of experience in the field. Also nylon type 6 has low water absorption properties, which keeps your toothbrush hygienic and it has lower hardness, which is good for your teeth.

NORDICS ORAL CARE toothbrush with charcoal toothpaste