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Nordics surfrider foundation europe

We are now an official donor of Surfrider Foundation Europe –

With every purchase of our products we donate a percentage to the headquarters of Surfrider Foundation Europe in Biarritz, France and from then on the funds are re-located to upcoming projects and campaign all over Europe.

Surfrider Foundation Europe has been acting for over 25 years for the protection of oceans, the coastline and their enjoyment.
Its action is built around 5 strong campaigns:

– Marine litter: Every second 206 kg of plastic waste end up in the world’s oceans. All of it comes from human activities and we are dedicated to reduce 50% of this by 2020. How ? First, we must understand the origins of waste. Secondly, we need to put pressure on local authorities and thirdly, we need to educate and increase awareness of european citizens.

– Water quality and health: SFE works with several analytical laboratories, monitoring waters from the ocean coastline as well as regular bathing waters in polluted areas. So, what are the goals ?
Monitor the bacteriological water quality, inform SFE members, highlight contamination issues and information exchange between citizens, policy makers and authorities.

– Maritime transport and infrastructure: Maritime transport is currently the most ecological means of transport. However the extent of the damage caused by discharges, oil spills or chemical pollutions resulting from an accident shows that it is far from being harmless. SFE is informing and enlightning the general public and also lobying inthe European institutions in order actions to be taken when necessary

– Artificial coastal development: The European coastal environment is victim of its own success. Demographic changes, tourism and leisure development or simply the growing number of residential sectors have largely contributed to excessive artificial coastal changes which are now threatening the coastline.

– Climate change: The ocean is the second lung of the Earth. It absorbs 50% of the carbon dioxide released and plays a key role in climate regulation. Unfortunately its regulatory purpose is affected by the greenhouse effect. European Union State members alone are accountable for 10% of the world’s greenhouse gases emissions. With this observation in mind Surfrider raises awareness and educates citizens so that we can individually reduce our carbon footprint.