Bulmedica / Buldental 2018

Finally we had the amazing opportunity to attend the biggest dental exhibition on the Balkans and to show the dentist community our products and ideas !


The response was more than we expected. Everyone was cheering for the things we have already done and they were giving us lots and lots of propositions and ideas how can we spread the word about sustainable oral care together. Almost everyone recognized the importance of everyday steps towards less pollution and encouraged the fight against plastic

Of course the star of the show was our natural anti-caries toothpaste with coconut and mint. People loved it and we barely had any left on the closing day.

Having the support of the pharmaceutical and dental communities in the country means that we are on the right track not only because of our eco-friendly idea, but also because of the high quality of the products that we offer.

Now we have even more passion to keep going. Thank you guys.