Nordics charcoal

Our whitening toothpaste charcoal + matcha

We have finally launched our charcoal + matcha toothpaste ! Hurray !

Nordics charcoal + matcha whitening toothpaste

This is the first in the world, completely natural whitening toothpaste that combines the powerful anti-oxidant properties of both activated charcoal and matcha green tea.

Matcha plant or Camellia sinensis is speacially shade-grown type of green tea and all the stems and veins of the leaves are removed during processing. Japanese people have been drinking matcha as a ceremonial beverage for centuries and it represents time for calmness and meditation.
We have kept the traditional method of stone-grinding matcha leaves into fine powder and then mixing it with the activated charcoal in order to give you an awesome experience.

But it gets even better : activated charcoal is known throughout to have amazing detox properties and also natural bleaching power. This black magic has the incredible ability to absorb stains and impurities and thus bringing out the innate whiteness of our teeth.

Nordics charcoal

Check it out, there is so much more to come.