We are partnering with one of the biggest non-profit organizations on the planet !

This     will     be     huge ! We know that the problem with plastic pollution is real and we know that we should do something about it. -We have been making educational campaigns throughout Europe, together with our local partners. -Organised promotional activities to raise awareness for the environmental crisis. -Funded various clean-up projects ..but now things […]

WIND2WIN challenge and the fight against pollution

The general idea of Nordics is to show an alternative to plastic usage and to minimise as much as possible the waste that is being generated. This is why we decided to take part in another awesome project. Nordics Oral Care is backing up the WIND2WIN challange, which is organised by a group if surfers […]

Nordics charcoal

Our whitening toothpaste charcoal + matcha

We have finally launched our charcoal + matcha toothpaste ! Hurray ! This is the first in the world, completely natural whitening toothpaste that combines the powerful anti-oxidant properties of both activated charcoal and matcha green tea. Matcha plant or Camellia sinensis is speacially shade-grown type of green tea and all the stems and veins […]

We took part at the Bulmedica / Buldental 2018

Finally we had the amazing opportunity to attend the biggest dental exhibition on the Balkans and to show the dentist community our products and ideas ! www.bulmedica.bg The response was more than we expected. Everyone was cheering for the things we have already done and they were giving us lots and lots of propositions and […]

Nordics charcoal toothbrush

Nordics Oral Care – the beginning

Nordics Oral Care – starting from a simple idea and turning it into one of the fastest growing dental care brands in Europe.  We always wanted to create something meaningful. Something that could impact not only a group of people but the whole world! We wanted to go big right from the start and we […]