Nordics charcoal toothbrush

Nordics Oral Care – the beginning

Nordics Oral Care – starting from a simple idea and turning it into one of the fastest growing dental care brands in Europe.

 We always wanted to create something meaningful. Something that could impact not only a group of people but the whole world! We wanted to go big right from the start and we were determined to do everything to get there.

How it all began:

After several years working in the biggest cosmetics manufacturers in Bulgaria, gaining experience and know-how, our founder Atanas, decided that it was about time he started his own company. Oral care and especially toothbrushes were the obvious choice. They combine the health aspect of the product with the ability to present it as a lifestyle item. Everybody uses toothbrush and toothpaste (or at least they should be) and this helps when trying to convey a message through the product and the brand. The message was clear from the beginning – we can offer innovative alternatives to traditional products while taking care of the environment.

And so, in 2015, “Norte Ltd” was found. We decided to name our brand “Nordics”, because the North is associated with innovation, cleanliness and care of the environment.
Our idea quickly spread out and people started asking for more and more products. We started to appear in different exhibitions and shows. We started getting a lot of media coverage. In the first year we were working hard to develop a bio-degradable toothbrush that could not only substitute the traditional plastic ones, but to deliver more value to the customer. We ended up having the highest quality bamboo toothbrush in the world today! Small head, tapered bristles, ergonomic handle, protective inner wrapper, made from recycled cellulose and an outer packaging made of 100% recycled cardboards made our toothbrush an instant hero.
Nordics became known across Europe and it is still one of the biggest bamboo toothbrushes brands out there.
But it was not enough.

In the beginning of 2017 we started developing our first anti-caries toothpaste and after countless hours of trying, testing and sampling our Coco-minty baby was born. Then “Nordics” became “Nordics Oral Care”. Currently we are developing something new and it will be as awesome as everything until now.
Just wait and see.